River in Japan

All our solutions address the specific needs of our Clients from small tasks to the comprehensive management of a large-scale market entry operations or improvement and overhaul of an existing business to turn it around or to maximize its potential.

Key solutions offered but not limited to:

  • Strategic management consulting on the Japanese market and consumer.
  • Marketing research and competitive analysis.
  • Entry strategy recommendations.
  • Alliances, M&A and OEM partner discovery.
  • Innovation transfer and adaptation to the Japanese market or the reverse for local Clients.
  • "Regulatory", "Channel", and "Management Team" training and development.
  • Strategic marketing planning including ‘everything’ digital.
  • Assistance with the establishment of a subsidiary company or branch office in Japan.
  • Review and analysis of first stage launch activities.
  • Strategic digital and e-commerce consulting for domestic, in-bound and out-bound on-line solutions.
  • Guided retail market tours in major cities and nationwide.

Yours and your business success are our two main objectives. We are always open to talk, discuss and hear about your pain-points of doing business in Japan and to bring Enter Japan’s strengths and expertise to ease those in locally relevant ways. Share your pain, Enter Japan is here to halve or eliminate it.