Clients & Partners

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We work with a wide range of Clients across diverse industries and categories with a key focus on Fast Moving Consumer Packaged Goods, luxury products, the automotive industry, electronics, digital and mobile communication devices and technologies.

We assist with Licensing and Franchising opportunities both for outbound and inbound Clients.

We are proud to have both leading, household multinational brands, as well as, up-start companies, small and medium sized enterprises. Since our network of experts supporting the activities of Enter Japan, we are confident that we understand both the similarities and the differences among these and can offer the most optimum solutions and approaches for them.


Over more than a decade spent working in Japan in different corporate roles, we build up an extensive network of Partners, connections across the whole spectrum of the value chain, from OEMs, including equipment suppliers, wholesaler, distributors, retailer (small & large), Customs and Regulatory organizations, trade associations, Agencies (creative, research & media) and financial institutions.

We are confident that whatever your need may be, we will find the right connections and Partners for you making your Japan entry easier and more effective.