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Japanese Lanterns

Enter Japan is an international advisory and consulting business focused on the Japanese market. We assist Clients to improve working relationships in multicultural environments. We provide cultural training, full-scale market entry support from the idea of competing in Japan to comprehensive entry strategies and their implementation. We also advise companies which already entered the market but would like to see step-change improvement in the performance of their business and brands.

We offer our expertise on cross-cultural communications and Japanese business practices. Our Clients trust us to provide solutions that are relevant and impactful. Enter Japan draws its strength from a loosely knit network of experts from all disciplines with working and living experiences in Japan often spanning decades. Contributors to developing solutions for the Clients of Enter Japan’s hail from all corners of the world.

We primarily work with international companies and firms who have Japanese customers or businesses. However, we have an increasing number of Japanese Clients, especially in the e-commerce space seeking Enter Japan’s expertise for their efforts in expanding their domestic business beyond the boundaries and borders of Japan.