Building your Bridge to Enter Japan

Bamboo Forest Japan

Market Entry – Don’t reinvent the wheel, find the one which is already there

Once market potential for your product has been established, we will develop a list of prospective partners, distributors, manufacturing partners or end users and will establish a relationship with them on your behalf to facilitate your business development efforts.

Cultural Literacy

We do not translate your documents, business literature or presentations but will adapt them while safeguarding their intent, style, tone and context. Whether an instruction manual, labelling, website, SNS platform, linguistic trend, cultural reference, specialized and technical terms will be used to ensure that products are understood, instructions are clear, and that messages resonate with the right audience.

The Beaten Path

From warehousing to shipping and distribution, we will address all your needs. We will draw on trusted relationships built over the years with a diverse range of shippers, warehouses and distributors, both large and specialized, to ensure that products arrive at their destination safely and on time in pristine quality.

Building Trust – Your Japan Inc.!

Legal presence in Japan is a vital cornerstone of your business success in Japan. We will assist you in incorporating your company, ensuring that your brand names are registered and IP is protected, and ensuring that your company meets all the legal requirements to operate in Japan.

The Product Has It – You Win!

With the support of category specialists, we will study your products, technology, or service offerings and, through the use of test groups, surveys, market research, and consultation with industry contacts, we will gather the information necessary to ascertain whether adjustments need to be made to your products prior to market entry. Where adjustments are necessary, we will assist you in making sure that they are made effectively for maximum impact.

Business Development – Your Local Eyes, Ears, Feet and Hands!

We are your special agents in Japan with a ‘license’ to start developing your business for you. Through our extensive network of advisors, we will develop a business and marketing strategy, establish your physical and digital presence, build sales channels, and help you generate initial revenues enabling you to secure more resources to fuel continued growth.

Expand Your Operations – Build It Up!

Once you are ready to take it to the next level, we will coordinate the recruitment of your new Japanese office team and put in place the accounting, legal and HR structure required for smooth operations, the achievement of your business goals, and future expansion.

Aftercare and Customized Services – The Next Level!

Perhaps the most important and yet most often overlooked part of sales in Japan is, a well-established aftercare support structure which can be a strategic competitive advantage for you.  Whether it is to establish a superior aftercare or customer service center, develop a special marketing campaign, set up a call center, build your supply chain, troubleshoot customer relations, support cultural understanding in the workplace, provide language services, or facilitate government relations, we are here to assist, advise and support you.

Please Enter Japan with ‘Enter Japan!’