About Us

Cherry Trees Japan

We set ourselves the aim to make Japan accessible to you, your company, your brand and business, be it a product, a technology or service you want to be successful with in the Japanese market.

We are offering you our market entry and business expertise, our language skills and cultural literacy as well as our extensive network of local and international associates built and nurtured for more than a decade. With our support you will be better placed to avoid costly mistakes and have personal and business success in one of the World’s most competitive markets populated with the most demanding consumers.

Your success in Japan will not only contribute to the growth of your business but will also allow your company to benefit from a step-change in quality and service standards, sharper negotiation skills, a more global brand. As your Center of Excellence Japan can be your springboard to expanded access and extended success across the Asian markets.

We have already helped numerous companies to enter the Japanese market, as well as businesses which have been present but not delivering optimum results. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have learnt it first hand and the hard way. We now offer to guide you on the right path to optimize your market entry or to improve your current, already up and running business towards a sustained profitable future.
Japan can be seen as intimidating and unfriendly, but equipped with the right knowledge, networks, and experience, we are here to make the country simpler and friendlier for you.

Why Japan?

Business leaders, analysts, advisors have written off the Japanese market, often referring to it as the Galapagos Islands of the world economy. As markets around the Globe are awash with uncertainties, diminishing consumer confidence and spending, Japan is again emerging as a magnet for much desired business growth.

Japan boasts the third largest economy in the World and without a doubt, the most sophisticated consumer base. She continues to be a high-tech powerhouse sporting brands such as Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, to name a few, making it the world’s most technology-savvy market.
With the second most patent filings in the world (and the most per capita), Japan is also ranked high among the most innovative countries and will do so for the foreseeable future. Foreign firms across all industries and categories, whether B2B or B2C, will find in Japan a market where intellectual property is valued and protected, and which offers a fertile ground for rewarding R&D partnerships, licensing agreements, and for manufacturing, distribution and joint venture partners with global reach.

Companies willing to dedicate the effort, time and resources to compete in the Japanese market are likely to see their sales increase by an average of 25-30% within three years. The Japanese market can also quickly account for 20-25% of total international or global revenues.

Those that make deep and successful inroads into the market consistently go on the record to state that their efforts to meet the quality requirements of the Japanese market have resulted in a significant increase in demand for their products in other markets. Japanese credentials can be touted as a marketing message in their own right. Japanese companies exert a high level of influence in the rest of Asia with their reach extending far beyond the confines of the Japanese Islands. The extensive global networks of Japanese businesses naturally rest on solid Asian markets foundations. Japanese engineering firms, trading houses, electronics manufacturers and automakers are woven through and through in the Chinese, Indian and South-East Asian markets. Many foreign companies, through their contribution to Japanese supply chains gain indirect access to a region of over three billion consumers.

Entering the Japanese market is a far cry from a walk in a Zen Garden

Doing business in Japan takes time, patience and perseverance. Mastering the language is a considerable challenge, business practices are shrouded in myths which, more often than not, are misunderstood and misinterpreted. Life, both business and personal, is mostly relationship-based. Finding the appropriate entry point is a daunting task in itself considering the size and structural complexity of many of the Japanese companies local and international alike.

Consequently it comes as a no surprise that many foreign companies with great technology, products, or services shy away from Japan setting their sights on markets where language, culture, and business practices are less of an issue, even if the benefits are much less rewarding.

Enter Japan is a Tokyo based market-entry advisory company at the service of businesses, and non-governmental organizations. Our mission is to assist individuals and entities to achieve their goals and make successful and lasting entries into Japan. Drawing on our extensive, loosely knit network of experienced advisors covering all angles of business operations, we offer a single gateway and bridge to the market. We have years of practical experience meeting clients’ needs in this fast-paced and demanding environment. Our passion is in what we do and we believe that any company that is serious about growing globally would be remiss in passing up on the countless opportunities offered by the Japanese market, not only to increase profits, but also to bring their processes and quality levels to a standard that could set them apart from their competitors for many years to come.

Take that first step across the bridge that Enter Japan has for you!